The quality is excellent, the strap is wide enough to keep it from slipping off my shoulder. I can wear it on one shoulder or crossbody. And I have to say, the capacity is amazing! It's deep and easy to reach inside. There's even a small pouch inside (classic monogram style), similar to the Neverfull, that's perfect for cards and such.
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Wide shoulder straps are comfortable and the length is freely adjustable. Classification is very convenient. My colleagues also like it when they see it. Already recommended this seller to her!
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My initial experience with Mythick was fantastic—smooth transaction, top-notch professionalism from the seller. I highly recommend them! Their prices are competitive, and I’m extremely satisfied with the great deal I got. Looking forward to my next purchase with them!
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Good morning,
My bag was delivered yesterday.
It is a very nice bag, The bag is very nice quality
This looks just like the “Real” Scho Disco Gucci Bag.
I love it so much! This is going to be my “Everyday Bag”.
Like they always say “You gotta fake it, until you make it!”
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It looks identical to me from online and construction feels sturdy. this feels as high quality as I could imagine it would. They seem very well made and heavy which is always a good sign to me. these are SMALL PURSES a lot smaller than I expected but still love them
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The Bag is way better in person. It's most likely similar to the real one but there's tiny details here and there. But it isn't noticeable. Highly recommend!!!
Hardware strap feels satisfyingly heavy, engravings are well detailed. Also included was the white dustbag with the separate section for the chain, which I absolutely love. The whole she-bang is LUXURY. It’s a GOOD bag. I absolutely love this bag and can’t wait to wear it out of the house!
I just bought two beautiful LV items from you ( and and wallet ) Transaction was seamless and the items were as described. I will definitely purchase from you again!!
Thank You
I received it, thank you so much!

I will definitely be ordering from you again : )
Oh goodness. Oh mama. She's so nice that I reached purse peace (for about 3 days, now I want a Chanel 22, what can you do?). The Saint Laurent rocks the grain de poudre embossed leather. I LOVE soft leather and am OBSESSED with my Chanel S Factory Lambskin. When my first Caviar Classic Flap arrived I was confused and unexcited. But I much prefer the feel of the Saint Laurent grain de poudre over the Chanel caviar, and I feel like the bag also has the sass to carry the embossed leather off. This isn't a bag for a woman who babies her bags. This is a bag for a woman who smokes when she drinks and wakes up under coffee tables (this is not me by the way). The tougher leather fits.
The bag is well-made of nice leather, the stitching is tidy and precise. The canvas lined interior is very well done. I love classic bags, particularly top handle bags, and this one is right up my alley. Neither of the accuracy issues or the small flaws will lessen my enjoyment of it.
The Bag arrived today and it is absolutely stunning! It is even more beautiful that I could ever imagine!
Thank you for making one dream come true. ❤️
Its gorgeous thank you !!! Got it today it’s a great bag!
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Good morning, I just received my orders and they are beautiful!! I just wanted to say thank you and sorry for bothering you with all my messages ❤ Hope you have a great day!
The Bag arrived today and it is absolutely stunning! It is even more beautiful that I could ever imagine!
Thank you for making one dream come true. ❤️
These are actually surprisingly well made, the quilting of the leather looks similar to the auth, the caviar graining is surprisingly nice.
Oh my gosh... I love it so much.
thank you.

It's worth the wait for over a month.
So good.

I definitely like it.
I want to buy again.
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beautiful purse and the quality is good
pretty bag i love it i will be more from you guys